All the benefits of broccoli, with absolutely none of the hassle.

Buy the broccoli. Wash the broccoli. Cook the broccoli. Drain the broccoli. Chew the broccoli. Make a broccoli face. Swallow the broccoli. Pray for it all to be over.

Or just pop a BrocElite® capsule & do some non-brocolli-related-things instead! Feel the difference, or your money back.

Imagine all that broccoli you could have not eaten.

The easy life tastes surprisingly plain.

One very clever capsule.

Made for maximum absorption and bioavailability.

Welcome to the clever bit – the bit that gets the scientists all hot under the lab-coat-collar.

BrocElite® is the only broccoli supplement out there which contains naturally derived, stabilized Sulforaphane. If you’ve been too busy to get that PHD in biomedical chemistry, what that means is that unlike juicing or the contents of other supplements, BrocElite® can verify the exact quantity of Sulforaphane your body gets out of it.

That’s because we naturally stabilize every capsule with a top secret proprietary process.

A good scientist never marks their own homework. Which is why every batch is verified by a third-party to ensure each capsule contains the amount of sulforaphane that’s on the label.

Sulforaphane, we can explain.


Sulforaphane turns on the anti-inflammatory pathway Nrf-2 & turns off the pro-inflammatory pathway, Nf-kb.


Sulforaphane promotes brain-derived neurotrophic factor –protecting existing neurons, growing new ones & decreasing neuroinflammation.


Sulforaphane remove toxins like dyes from MRI or CT scans, as well as those ingested from the air or in food. It’s one of just a few molecules that works in all 3 phases of detoxification.


Sulforaphane helps you recover from your workout and boosts your energy for the next workout or race by increasing levels of NADH to fuel your Krebs cycle.


Sulforaphane blocks the production of DHT, the form of testosterone that leads to balding.

Expert endorsments

What the doctors say:

“Increadible For People’s Health”


My name is Ken Brown. I'm a board certified gastroenterologist in Dallas, Texas, and I asked to do a testimonial on BrocElite®. And the reason is, is because I understand how incredible this is for people's health. In my practice, I'm seeing great results with people with a variety of gut issues and anything with the brain-gut connection. You can look at the science of it. I'm living it. I'm seeing it. I take it myself. I'm thrilled to actually tell everyone that I'm seeing great results with BrocElite®.

“One Supplement that Addresses Many Different Issues”


I don't have to ask patients to take three or four different supplements. They can take one supplement that addresses many different issues. Certainly in this day and age with viruses coming at us, the research shows that it does an amazing job of decreasing the virus's ability to enter our bodies and replicate once inside. And it even provides a balanced boost to our immune system so we don't over respond and create further disease. I'm very happy to be able to take BrocElite® and give it to my patients.

BrocElite® is Effective at Getting at the Root of the Problem”


BrocElite® has been as effective, if not more than other supplements I've used to address things like inflammation and a variety of conditions. In functional medicine, you're trying to address a problem. What's exciting for me is that BrocElite® is effective at getting at the root of the problem because it balances the inflammation. Whether you need to upgrade something and downgrade something, it has the ability to do that. So I've found BrocElite® to be effective for a variety of conditions

How it works

Step 1

Gulp! The capsule is swallowed & sulforaphane passes the gut’s barrier

Step 2

Once in the bloodstream, sulfurophane arrives at the cell, releasing Nrf-2

Step 3

Nrf-2 travels to the cell’s nucleus, switching on specific genes that promote anti-inflammation, support brain health & facilitate detoxification.

A no-brainer for your brain:




All of the benefits, absolutely none of the hassle.

Try BrocElite for yourself.