Cream & Berries Desert

My favorite desert to serve when hosting people at my house is fresh whipped cream and berries.  The fact that the cream was just whipped often has a novelty factor for my guests.  Plus, I sweeten the cream with stevia, so the only carbs are from the berries.  Lastly, it tastes amazing.  Easy. Healthy. Tasty. 

Be careful of what brand of stevia you buy.  I use Sweet Leaf stevia because it is 100% stevia.  Most brands are a blend of stevia and sugar alcohol, so read your label!

Berries are the fruits most heavily sprayed with pesticides.  So, make sure the berries you buy are certified organic.  I like to use blackberries.


16 oz heavy whipping cream (grass-fed, organic.  I like the brand Organic Valley)

2-4 grams stevia (1 packet = 1 gram)

1 pint of organic berries.


Pour the cream in a bowl to mix.  I use either a Kitchen Aid or a hand blender.  Do not over whip the cream!  This video shows how to whip the cream in a Kitchen Aid.  As you are whipping the cream, sprinkle the stevia into the cream as it whips.  Once whipped, scoop the cream into a small to medium sized bowl and place your berries on top.  It’s that easy!  Bon Appétit!


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