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100% pure - no fillers

100% pure - no fillers

Certified glyphosate residue free

Certified glyphosate residue free

Naturally gluten free

Naturally gluten free

Soy free & dairy free

Soy free & dairy free





BPA free, non-toxic

BPA free

John Gildea

John Gildea, PHD

John Gildea is a Johns Hopkins-trained PhD with 60 scientific publications from over 20 NIH-funded studies. He is an expert in cell culture and exosomes, performing all the science behind gut supplement RESTORE. John was instrumental in the initial stabilization of the sulforaphane in BrocElite®.

David Roberts

David Roberts

David Roberts holds a MPH from Johns Hopkins, a Masters in BME from the UVA, and a Bachelors in EE and BME from Duke. David has more than 20 years of public health experience on three continents. In 2014 David cofounded the gut supplement, RESTORE.

Martin Katz

Martin Katz, MD

Martin Katz, MD is double board certified in Sports and Family Medicine. Dr. Katz is committed to a preventative medicine paradigm, educating his patients regarding the benefits of intentional nutrition, exercise, sleep, the microbiome, and connectivity.

Kevin Rhodes

Kevin Rhodes

Kevin Rhodes has over 20 years experience in start-up ventures in the fields of alternative energy, agriculture, and biotechnology. He served as the COO and Director of Finance for Beef Plus Inc. He has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University

What is sulforaphane3 (SFN) again?

Sulforaphane is a chemical found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that offers numerous clinically researched health benefits for the body. Broccoli sprout extract induces detoxification-related gene expression and attenuates acute liver injury, and promoting a healthy immune system. It was first discovered in 1992 by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and has since become the subject of more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies.

What are the benefits of SFN?

SFN is considered by experts to be one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth, with several benefits including:

  • Promoting immune function so your body stays healthy…
  • Blocking inflammation to relieve and protect against discomfort…
  • Detoxifying your body so you look and feel fantastic…
  • Helping your brain function so you can think clearer...
  • Stimulating the release of antioxidants to slow your aging process...

As you can see SFN is powerful — extremely powerful!

What makes BrocElite different from other broccoli extract supplements?

BrocElite is the only broccoli supplement on the market offering Stabilized Sulforaphane ³ in the capsule (as opposed to the precursor, glucoraphanin otherwise known as sulforaphane glucosinolate). Research has shown that this potent breakthrough is up to 100 times more powerful than regular broccoli6 !

Do I have to take BrocElite with food?

Yes, we recommend taking it with food. In research about 10% - 20% of people who take sulforaphane experience mild stomach discomfort for a short period of time. Taking BrocElite with food lessens the chance of experiencing this discomfort.

Why is the powder yellow?

While broccoli is green, we extract the sulforaphane from broccoli seed, which produces the yellow color that we call the “gold in broccoli”.

Is BrocElite made in the USA?

BrocElite is manufactured in Charlottesville VA. We source our broccoli seed from California, Tennessee, and Michigan. We cannot say “made in the USA” since our capsules come from Canada and Colombia.

Does BrocElite need to be refrigerated?

No, if you plan on using your bottle within one to two months. We do recommend refrigeration if you don’t plan on taking the product regularly.

How long does it take to notice an effect?

Everyone is different. From people who use BrocElite, we have heard from customers who have noticed effects from taking BrocElite anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks from the time of their first capsule. The most common effect people notice is less muscle and joint discomfort as a result of Nrf-2 pathway activation. The second most common effect is vivid dreaming at night as a result of brain-derived neurotrophic factor stimulation.

How long does one bottle last?

We recommend taking one to two capsules per day. You will get a health impacting amount of sulforaphane with just one capsule. Feedback from our customers leads us to believe that once you take a single capsule a day, your experience with BrocElite will soon lead you to take one capsule per day as you become aware of its benefits and how it is making you feel.

When will I receive my shipment?

Most orders will ship within one business day. Most orders take 2-3 days on average to arrive once shipped.

What ingredients are used in BrocElite?



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