5 Benefits Of A ProLon Fast


If you’re like me, you have high hopes for the new year.  One of my frequent new year's goals is to be the healthiest I can be.  And for the last four years, that’s included a fast in January.  Sometimes this is a water fast.  This year, I’ll be doing a five day ProLon fast with members of the Mara Labs staff and whoever else in the community wants to participate. 

In this podcast, I highlight five benefits of a ProLon fast: stem cell proliferation, autophage, mitophage, microbiome die off, and ease of the program.  

While I was hoping to start it January 9th, the boxes will likely not come by then, so we’ll start Sunday January 16-20.  Join me along with members of the Mara Labs staff!  If you want to purchase the ProLon diet, it's on sale here. Use discount code prolon15 upon checkout for an additional 15% discount.  

We will have a private Facebook Group where we can share our experiences and provide encouragement.


Click here for the podcast transcript.

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