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Our Story begins out of necessity.

A necessity to help a dear friend in need.

A necessity to find alternatives to support cellular health when they provide the only clear pathway to support healing.

A necessity to bring market-valued, effective and reliable supplements.

This necessity has brought four friends together with a commitment to help people on their journey towards health and wellness.

Together, as a researcher, scientist, practitioner, and facilitator, we strive ahead to find those answers. Sulforaphane proved to be an outstanding compound. A compound validated to support your cell's ability to balance oxidative stress, inflammation, brain health and so much more. With time and effort, we have created BrocElite®, a naturally derived, stabilized sulforaphane supplement.

So commit to your health.

We certainly have by bringing you best-in-class supplements guaranteed to make a positive change in your cellular biology.

Yes, we stand behind our guarantee so you and your family members can feel confident when taking our products!

Why we're different.

How is BrocElite® different than other Brocolli supplements?

Sulforaphane 101: An Introduction

What is sulforaphane? It is the good molecule that comes from broccoli, and it amazing benefits are why people grow and eat broccoli sprouts. Sulforaphane was discovered in 1992 at Johns Hopkins and since then there have been over 2,000 research papers written about its many benefits, such as blocking inflammation, supporting brain health, promoting antioxidant production, detox, improving sleep, and more.

Sulforaphane turns ON the anti-inflammation Nrf-2 pathway in the body (and it’s the best natural compound that does so). Because Nrf-2 also regulates tight junction function in the gut, sulforaphane promotes intestinal integrity which prevents leaky gut. Sulforaphane also turns on over 200 antioxidants for 72 hours, and it activates BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is at the center of brain health because it protects existing neurons and creates new ones.

Unfortunately, receiving the health benefits from sulforaphane isn’t as simple as eating a bunch of broccoli or sprouts. You would have to eat around 1-5lbs of raw organic broccoli in order to receive any benefit of sulforaphane. This would get old really fast (trust us—our founder, David, has done it!). Even worse, because of how food is grown and handled, you can't be sure that the broccoli you're eating contains adequate levels of glucoraphanin, the precursor to sulforaphane.

Our supplement, BrocElite, has stabilized sulforaphane right in the capsule. In fact, it’s the only naturally derived stabilized sulforaphane product on the market—no other broccoli supplement has it.

Other broccoli supplements may say they have sulforaphane, but they really have the precursor (sometimes confusingly marketed as “sulforaphane glucosinolate”). And despite flashy marketing, broccoli supplements with glucoraphanin most likely won't help you, as shown in this 2020 study from Johns Hopkins on autistic children that showed no effect.

To learn more about sulforaphane—the phytonutrient with so many health benefits—check out these podcasts and articles created and written by our founders, including the MD and PhD on our team.

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Don't be fooled...

BrocElite® is the only naturally derived Stabilized Sulforaphane supplement on the market.


Other Brocolli supplements

  • No Sulforaphane in the capsule
  • Has Glucoraphanin in the capsule
  • Does not induce Nrf2
  • Has filler like: Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide
  • May have glyphosate (Roundup) residues

BrocElite® supplement

  • Has Sulforaphane in the capsule
  • Has NO Glucoraphanin in the capsule
  • Induces Nrf2 (you feel the difference)
  • No Fillers
  • Certified Glyphosate residue free
  • Each batch 3rd party tested for SFN content

Myrosinase is the enzyme that converts glucoraphanin into sulforaphane. But just having myrosinase in the capsule won't get you sulforaphane due to the acid in the stomach degrading it, a challenge that only BrocElite® has overcome.

Our Team

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John Gildea

John Gildea is a Johns Hopkins-trained PhD with 60 scientific publications from over 20 NIH-funded studies. He is an expert in cell culture and exosomes, performing all the science behind gut supplement RESTORE. John was instrumental in the initial stabilization of the sulforaphane in BrocElite®.

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David Roberts

David Roberts holds a MPH from Johns Hopkins, a Masters in BME from the UVA, and a Bachelors in EE and BME from Duke. David has more than 20 years of public health experience on three continents. In 2014 David cofounded the gut supplement, RESTORE.

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Martin Katz, MD

Martin Katz, MD is double board certified in Sports and Family Medicine. Dr. Katz is committed to a preventative medicine paradigm, educating his patients regarding the benefits of intentional nutrition, exercise, sleep, the microbiome, and connectivity.

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Kevin Rhodes

Kevin Rhodes has over 20 years experience in start-up ventures in the fields of alternative energy, agriculture, and biotechnology. He served as the COO and Director of Finance for Beef Plus Inc. He has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

At Mara Labs, we are committed to creating and delivering products backed by evidence-based research to you and your loved ones. Therefore, we only use high quality, naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients that WE would feel comfortable ingesting. None of our supplements contain harmful additives or unnecessary fillers, so we can all feel confident about what we put into our bodies.

  • Neutralizes toxins
  • Positively affects the gut microbiome
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Combats free radicals
  • Boosts liver detoxification
  • Improves Cardiovascular health