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Our mission is to grow lifestyles of wellness for generations to thrive.  With a multigenerational view on wellness, it's important to have tips on how to age well so that we can be active with our grandchildren if and when we have them.

A friend of mine, Sara, Voxed me (a voice messaging app) this week and asked what I do for anti-aging.  She has seven children aging from late teens to one year, and she said she’s "noticing" signs of aging. So below are some things that came to mind.

The single most important thing I do daily is exercise.  And by that, I mean getting your heart rate up for over 15 minutes. Running or walking is an easy way to do this.  I occasionally run and mountain bike. But what I do every day is a swim about a mile. It takes about 24 minutes, then I’ll do some high intensity interval training for about 10 minutes. Sometimes I do more and sometimes less.  Fasting (drinking only water for 3 days) also has amazing anti-aging and longevity benefits.  I try to do this quarterly.  

Besides these, I eat organic food, stay away from GMOs, and take supplements. The anti-aging supplements I take are below.  We will drill down in future weeks on what each of these benefits are and why they’re important, but for now you’re getting the list. This week we drill down on collagen here.

1. I take 2 capsules of BrocElite Plus with 10 mg of sulforaphane per day. Sulforaphane has shown to have the following anti-aging benefits:

2. QuercElite: two capsules per day or 350 mg of quercetin.

3. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide or NMN: 1 gram.

  • It’s a precursor to NAD+ which is a cofactor in the Krebs cycle and important for healthy mitochondria. I buy the Gene Formulas brand off Amazon.  

4. Trans-Resveratrol: 1 gram.

  • It’s a natural sirtuin-activating compound. Sirtuins are a family of enzymes that upregulate the expression of other enzymes responsible for metabolism and aging. I purchase trans-resveratrol from Vita Cost in the 60 capsule bottle.  We've tested various resveratrol brands on cells and this one is the best!

5. Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen: 7 mg

We talk more about hydrolyzed collagen here

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It all,sounds wonderful, and being a customer…I know all is.
However, I’m curious, as to why you either don’t take, or neglected to
mention, your 3rd product “BerbElite”?
Thanking you
Kind Regards,
Laura Utley

THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful weekly tips AND for creating such amazing products!

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