Episode 223: Helping Your Kids to Eat Veggies with Dr. Katz



In this podcast, Dr. Martin Katz discusses the importance of eating vegetables, and how his new children's book, Making a Magnificent You can be an excellent tool in communicting their importance to children.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue & insight of this podcast. Novel idea to write a children’s book for them appealing to their health & nutrition & gearing it at their level!
For all of us we have to remember that raw broccoli (and cruciferous veggies) contain goitergens. If eaten raw daily, it can interfere with the production of thyroxin by the thyroid gland, as the goitergens bind the iodine, making the thyroid gland unable to produce thyroxin. Other goitergenic foods include isolated soy protein ( found in protein shakes, health snacks, breakfast cereals, energy bars), raw peanuts, raw cabbage & other raw cruciferous vegetables. It’s important to not rely on soy protein, as it is not a complete protein, as it was touted to be years ago! Plus, soy is a crop most heavily subjected to pesticides & herbicides. It interferes with the delicate hormone balance of the body, & should not be relied on as an estrogen replacement for pre and post menopausal women.

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