Episode 224: Easy Sleep Hack By Stimulating Vagus Nerve.

In this episode, Dr. John Gildea shares a sleep tip that has helped him in his long Covid recovery.  Listen in as he describes how to use a TENS unit to stimulate the vagus nerve which controls the rest and digest part of our nervous system. John Gildea has seen his resting heart rate improve by 12% and his deep sleep increase from minutes a night to hours.   

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Learn more on YouTube: video 1, video 2, video 3

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Thank you, David, for such a quick response. It seems so simple and is so inexpensive! I wish everyone luck. Thank you and your guest for this thoughtful sharing. Blair

Your guest was telling my story. I too have a long slow COVID recovery, back, shoulder and neck pain, and, as a result, mildly terrible sleep. Can you ask him about his unit and what to look for in the way of an ear clip? It’s not apparent on my cursory search. I’m all in. Will you email me? Thank you.

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