10 Surprising Foods with GMOs


Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round Up and is sprayed on genetically modified (GMO) plants to reportedly increase crop yield.  While most of the glyphosate washes off with rain, trace amounts are left in and on the plant.

This is problematic, because the WHO labeled it a "probable carcinogenic to humans” in 2015.

Our internal research shows that glyphosate disrupts tight junction function that leads to leaky gut, reduces Nrf-2 function which turns off your body’s ability to detox, and disrupts gap junctions which limits cellular communication and can lead to cancer.  You can learn more about these issues here.

Our internal research also shows that one serving of BrocElite brings tight junctions, Nrf-2 and gap junctions back to normal levels after a glyphosate insult.  

While it’s good to know BrocElite is the antidote, it’s much wiser to limit exposure to this insidious toxin.  But how, you ask, since it’s seemingly everywhere?

Well, our largest exposure is from the food that we eat.  And of these, the most common foods include genetically modified (GMO) soybeans, corn and canola. 

So, if you don’t go out and eat servings of soy bean or corn, you should be fine, right?  Wrong.  These crops or so prevalent that they are used as common additives in processed foods. 

If a food is listed as “organic” it cannot be either GMO or sprayed with glyphosate.  Unless it says it’s organic, it’s not.  And if a label says “Vegetable Oil”, it is a mix of soybean and canola. 

Here are 10 Foods with GMOs and trace amounts of glyphosate that may surprise you:

  • Ketchup (high fructose corn syrup). There are many organic ketchup options available now.
  • Mayo (soybean oil).  Similar to ketchup, buy organic mayo. My family mayo preference is Vegenaise, which uses grape seed oil.
  • Salad dressings (vegetable oil / soybean oil). Salad dressings are what makes salads bad for you.  Buy organic dressings OR make your own.  If you’ve never made your own dressing, it can be super simple!  My go-to dressing is 1 cup organic olive oil,1/8 cup lemon juice and 1/2 tsp salt, mixed vigorously.  
  • Soft drinks (high fructose corn syrup). Costco has Coke that uses actual sugar from Mexico.  But I’d suggest water.  If you feel like you need a sweet carbonated beverage, Zevia sweetens their drink with stevia and sugar alcohols. 
  • Hummus (soybean oil). Buy organic or make it.  
  • Conventional meat (corn). Cows, pigs and chickens are fed GMO corn to increase their fat content and make them tender and tasty.  So, the trace amounts of glyphosate in the corn leads to trace amounts in the meats.  Buy organic, grass fed, grass finished beef or free range local chicken.
  • Cookies & crackers and chips (vegetable oil / soybean oil). Buy organic.  My favorite crackers are the almond flower crackers made by Simple Mills.
  • Pickles (high fructose corn syrup). Buy organic when possible.
  • Popsicles & ice cream (high fructose corn syrup). Read the labels.  You’ll be shocked at what’s in these summer treats!  My family enjoys Alden’s organic ice cream.

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Thanks David for this relevant and very important information. I will forward it on to friends, but hopefully there is a way you can also reach out to the many people who are not aware of these facts and not in good health because of it. I’ve always believed that to educate people in important things (like this) that really matter in life, we should start in the schools, but I guess that is easier said than done. : ) With best wishes, Gillian (Jill)

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