Podcast: Health Goals For The New Year


In this podcast, we discuss some health goals for the new year.  We touch on the ProLon fasting mimicking diet, daily salt requirements, ashwagandha for stress, fat browning and the Wim Hof breathing method.

2:00 - ProLon

9:00 – Daily salt intake

29:00 - Ashwagandha

32:00 – Fat browning and immunity

33.40 – Wim Hof


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Dear Podcast mara labs
I enjoyed this podcast (1) . It was helpful and confirmed things I do. I hope you will offer more. I take saffron too. The reason is -- being on Keto to fight cancer I cannot have fruit. there are few colorful keto veges. Mostly deep greens. So, I added saffron for the color knowing there had to be nutrients in it. I keep discovering how great it is as I have been finding studies. Your podcast revealed more things i didn’t know. Cool! would share more but I’ll stop. THank you and please
tell me if your publish your podcasts somewhere. I could not find you on google podcasts or samsung podcasts and I don’t even know if you have more.

jeanette Keller

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