Simple Way to Decrease Risk of Cancer


One of our hero’s in the sciences is Dr Bruce Ames.  Early in his career, Ames sought to show how toxins caused cancer. With a toxin, you get a classic response of reactive oxygen species, genomic instability and a changed genome.

He later shifted in his focus of research from toxins causing cancer to nutrient deficiency causing cancer.  

Through various animal studies, Ames methodically showed that being low or void in even one of the 72 known nutrients, you also get an increase in reactive oxygen species, genomic changes.   This, in turn, can lead to significantly lower lifespan as well as cancer.

But what really shifted his focus was the realization that over 90% of the population was nutrient deficient.  This means that nutrient deficiency drives many more diseases like cancer than exposure to toxins.

So, what can be done?

Eat nutrient dense foods, like eggs or organ meats, which I discuss in a blog here and a podcast here.  I also micro-dose organ meats with a spice called Pluck. 

Additionally, you can supplement with a multivitamin, which I discuss here.  Be careful, however, as many multivitamins have synthetic versions of the vitamin.  The synthetic versions taken apart from the nutrients they naturally come with can have the opposite effect: further nutrient deficiencies.   

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