Sulforaphane & Epigenetics


Sulforaphane is the great chemical that makes broccoli so good for you.  You can't really get enough of it from eating broccoli to make a difference in how you feel.  But growing sprouts from broccoli seeds can often provide enough sulforaphane. Here is a recent post on how to sprout broccoli seeds.

The issue with growing sprouts from broccoli seeds is that not all seeds are the same.  We have purchased some seeds that produce very little to no sulforaphane when tested in our lab.  

Sulforaphane is known to have 39 different pro-health mechanisms of action in the science literature as curated in this article on  Three of the most commonly highlighted of sulforaphane benefits is that it blocks inflammation, enables detoxification and promotes brain health.

A paper published in 2018 in the journal of Redox Biology looking at the impact of sulforaphane on the health of the heart muscle show that:

 "Another innovative finding of the present study is that treatment with sulforaphane for the first 3 months resulted in persistent up-regulation of Nrf-2 transcription and expression for another 3 months at least after sulforaphane treatment was stopped." 

Sulforaphane turns on the Nrf-2, the anti-inflammatory pathway, and keeps it on for three months.  This is long lasting effect is caused by epigentics. 

Epigentics the study of changes in an organism that is caused by a change in gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.  Changing gene expressions is is like turning a light switch on.  In this study,   the finger that flips the switch is the sulforaphane. The switch that turns on the light is the Nrf-2.  And the light that shines is the good effect on the heart muscle health.

We live in an environment with toxins that can change our genetic expression in a bad way.  Sulforaphane helps remove those toxins AND turn on your genes in a good way.

So if you want an inexpensive way to get sulforaphane, grow broccoli sprouts.  If you don't have the time to grow sprouts, try BrocElite Plus.  No other broccoli supplement has stabilized sulforaphane in the capsule.   We are so confident you'll feel a difference taking it that we're offering a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Click here to try BrocElite Plus now.  

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