Top 10 Father's Day Gifts For The Biohacking Dad


Forget the ties and T-shirts. Give Dad what he really wants!  Here are my top 10 Father’s Day present suggestions for the father or husband who is into biohacking.

ResverElite: Our newest product. The only bioavailable resveratrol which is great for anti-aging! On sale this week for 25% off!

Oura Ring: Great for measuring activity and sleep.  Within sleep, it measures the stages (REM, light, deep) and efficiency.  It also measures heart rate and heart rate variability.  On sale now for Father’s Day.

KetoAid : Sells ketone drinks with an alcohol substitute they call “ketohol.”  I’ve tried the Pina Colada, which is decent. 

Blue blocker glasses: These are a must!  If your father or husband doesn’t have them, it’s an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.  I use this brand, and they definitely block out the blue light.  Watch out as some brands don’t

Grim Age Test: Determines your biological age vs your chronological age.  On sale now for $325.

ProLon Fast: I’ve talked about this before on the blog.  You can look around for a sale and get it for about $160.  It’s great for stem cell proliferation, where they can land in spots around your body that need healing.

Tens Unit For Sleep:  We did a podcast on this, where you can find the links. It attaches to your ear, and it modulates the Vagus nerve. Definitely helps sleep

Wim Hof breathing class: Breathing is super important.  This store has a variety of levels (intro and up) that can teach you how to do the Wim Hof breathing technique, that I talk about here.

Inside Tracker: Recommended by Andrew Huberman, they take your blood work and then give you a personalized regimen to improve your health.

Infrared Sauna: The data on longevity and sauna usage is huge.  Doing saunas is one of the best things you can do for your health.  You can find used ones on Facebook Marketplace.  This is one I have because you can fold it up. 

What am I asking for this year?  None of the above!  This year, I’m actually asking for a wallet since I lost mine! This brand, while pricey, is small and gives a lifetime warranty! 

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