Watch For Hidden GMOs


By now, you’ve probably heard of GMOs or genetically modified organisms. I’ve talked about them here in this blog, and we’ve been on various podcasts and webinars due to BrocElite blocking many of the negative health effects of glyphosate.

Because of how glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, is detrimental to our health, I avoid GMO foods as well as drinks known to have glyphosate in them. Most of the non-organic wines out of California, for example, contain glyphosate due to groundwater contamination and from neighboring farms, so I don’t drink wines from the western US.  Lists, such as this one, of beers and wines with GMOs are common online now.

When I shop at Whole Foods, I often have my guard down in terms of keeping my eyes open for GMOs on labels. This past week was such a time when I went to Whole Foods and saw a sample of almonds, one of my favorite foods, on the nut aisle. I instinctively downed a sample and kept moving toward the items I needed. The nuts were “Salt & Vinegar” flavored, so as I turned the corner, I paused and thought: “I wonder what’s on that label?” Sure enough, they had both canola oil and soy, two of the three most common GMOs. 

So, if you shop at Whole Foods don’t assume that their 365 brand is non-GMO! 

Additionally, I recently ate some crackers from a local organic winery that had non-GMO on the front of the box.  When I looked at the label, they had both canola oil and soy.  Occasionally, I’ll see “organic soy” or “organic canola oil.”  But this had neither, which means they were GMO. And on closer inspection, the non-GMO decal was not the “verified non-GMO” that is most common and accepted today. It looked like they took it from stock photography. 

So, my main point is READ THE LABELS.  If the item is labeled “USDA Organic,” then it’s safe. If the item contains processed food, like crackers, and is not labeled “Organic,” then look at the ingredients for GMOs. Here is a list of the most common GMO foods. Canola oil, soy bean oil, vegetable oil, and high fructose corn syrup are the most common GMO additives.

If you’re concerned about GMOs impacting your health, you can watch this webinar on how BrocElite protects from glyphosate. And try out BrocElite and save 10% using code GMO10 at checkout.

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