Episode 401: Berberine Is NOT Nature's Ozempic


In this episode, David Roberts interviews Dr. John Gildea and Dr. Martin Katz about the weight loss benefits of Berberine, and debunks the popular cultural push for calling Berberine "Nature's Ozempic."




2:00 - Berberine lowers HA-1c

3:30 - Berberine induces AMPk

4:14 - downregulation of c-myc, and turns on genes that regulate glucose metabolism

7:00 - AMPk and micochondrai

12:50 -  Metforman

14:00 - anti-aging benefits of berberine.  Study link

16:00 - Increases brown fat.  Study link

20:30 - Ozempic can lead to Celiac

24:00 - other risks of Ozempic

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