Glycine and NAC: An Age Reversing Strategy


 I recently came across a study published in January 2023, where researchers from Baylor performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized control trial looking at how mega doses of glycine and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) improve age-related biomarkers. It’s a follow-up study from 2021 that I’ve talked about. 

In the study, the researchers looked at 24 older participants between 61 and 80 years, with a mean age of 71 years. Half took 8 grams of glycine and 8 grams of NAC (GlyNAC), while the other half (controls) were given 16 grams of alanine for 12 weeks.

With elevated oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction identified as key hallmarks of aging, improving and reversing these defects in older adults is a goal of this study.  Oxidative stress is a harmful condition caused by an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.  Mitochondria are the energy-producing structures in cells, and their dysfunction is linked to aging.  Along with these, glutathione is a potent antioxidant that decreases with age.

With NAC and glycine being building blocks of glutathione, it’s not surprising that this combination improved and reversed multiple age-associated abnormalities including mitochondrial health, blood pressure, waist circumference and telomere health.

I’ve been taking this for 1.5 weeks and noticed improvements in blood pressure and muscle pain.  One I reach 12 weeks, I’ll give you annother update!

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I was getting everything from Vitacost. But I was having to take 34 capsules to get 16 grams due to all the filler and flow agents. So I actually made some in our facility with just the powder and now take 20 capsules to get 16 grams! We’re considering offering it to everyone. Let me now what you think!

Please share with us what brand of products you use for both the Glycine and NAC?
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Can you please tell me the dosage for NAC and Glycine?

Tom Croyle

How was their mitochondrial function measured? How can one know if they have mitochondrial distinction or improvements?

This is so interesting! Are you taking the NAC and glycine or the alanine? I have metabolic syndrome and following a low carb/whole foods diet, but have hyperinsulinemia. I can’t seem to get my blood sugars and blood pressure stabilized. My weight is around my abdomen and weight loss is very slow. I was on steroids constantly for 1-1/2 years then off and on for the next 30 years for lung issues from mold. My doctor has suggested using more homeopathic treatments and we are researching new alternatives! This sounds very promising.
I follow your blogs quite a bit and love your adventures with your kids.

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