Podcast 306: Sulforaphane & Estrogen Dominance


There are only a handful of systems more complicated than estrogen production and metabolism. This is because there are three naturally produced estrogens. Each estrogren has multiple metabolites with different half-lives and areas of accumulation. Estrogen is additionally complicated by having two nuclear hormone receptors and three membrane receptors.   How estrogen acts is also dependent on androgen and progesterone levels, what tissue it's located in and your age. 

I have said for years that I have not seen a paper on how sulforaphane benefits estrogren levels in women when asked.  This paper on eating cruciferous vegetables and estrogen metabolism is one of the few papers on sulforaphane and estrogen that I've found. 

While the paper mainly discusses DIM and I3C, it began an internal dialogue that led to this podcast where Dr. Martin Katz and Dr. John Glidea discuss estrogen and other benefits of sulforaphane in women's health.   

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