A Quercetin That Actually Works


I can’t remember when I first heard about quercetin.  But it was during Mara’s cancer journey, and it was one of the 60 supplements we put directly on her cancer cells.

I remember that while she was alive, we had friends over during peak spring pollen season.  Their daughter was having a histamine reaction, and we gave them an early version of a bioavailable quercetin that we now call QuercElite.

So, what is quercetin?  It is a natural antihistamine found in fruits and vegetables. One of the foods that has the highest concentration is onions – specifically onion skins.  

The problem with quercetin (like berberine, resveratrol and curcumin) that it is fat soluble which means that not much crosses your gut barrier to it gets into your body. 

One person on our marketing team told me that he takes QuercElite and told me that he gives it to all his friends.  This is because it works, and it works fast.

Recently, we had another person on our team, Jenny, share that she had a terrible histamine issue, but couldn’t take QuercElite due to a broccoli allergy.  She works remotely, so it wasn’t until she came for a visit that I saw her taking grams of regular regular quercetin that wasn’t doing anything for her.

Because we make everything in our facility, and we have a different formula that we could make (similar to CurcElite) that didn’t have broccoli, I requested that our production team make a special batch for her, which they did.  Instead of the broccoli seed complex, we bound the quercetin to a patent-pending, organic carrier molecule.

The next morning, the capsules were ready for her, and she took some.  By the afternoon, she noticed a considerable improvement in her histamine reaction.

So, I say all of this because our quercetin is bioavailable and does work. 

And we plan to bottle the capsules that we made for Jenny and offer them to you as a limited-time product in the coming days.  So check your inbox!

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