As we head into the Flu Season, everyone is a bit more paranoid about what we touch.  As we wipe off that grocery cart with the alcohol wipes and wash our hands a bit more, we are trying to fight that invisible enemy so that we don’t get sick.  

We’ve all been there: vomiting our guts out in front of the toilet isn’t fun at all. And heaven help us if our kids get sick!  

Wouldn’t it be great is there was something boost your immune system that is antiviral?  Well, there is!  Sulforaphane is known to kill viruses through boosting natural killer T cell (NKT) production.

One randomized control trial out of the University of North Carolina from 2016 showed that sulforaphane produced a statistically significant increase in NKT cells after taking sulforaphane for 2 days and 21 days in people who received live attenuated influenza virus.  

This study result means that when you take sulforaphane, your body increases the cells that can kill the virus!  

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