Our story begins out of necessity. A necessity to help a dear friend in need. A necessity to find alternatives to support cellular health when there are no clear answers. A necessity to bring to market valued, effective, and reliable supplements. This necessity has brought four friends together with a commitment to continue to help people in their journey towards health and wellness.
As a researcher, scientist, practitioner, and guide, we forged together to find those answers. SULFORAPHANE proved to be an outstanding compound. The challenge was to make this into a supplement that could be readily consumed and and actually be effective. With time and effort, we have created BrocElite, a stabilized sulforphane.
So join us as we navigate the tides of inflammation and degeneration, towards calmer waters that deliver life and vitality.

BrocElite is pioneering and cultivating wellness for generations to thrive.

John Gildea, PhD

John Gildea is a Hopkins-trained PhD with 60 scientific publications from over 20 NIH-funded studies. He is an expert in cell culture and exosomes, performing all the science behind gut supplement RESTORE. John was instrumental in stabilizing the sulforaphane in BrocElite.

David Roberts

David Roberts, holds a MPH from Hopkins, a Masters in BME from the UVA and Bachelors in EE and BME from Duke. David has more than 20 years of public experience on three continents. In 2014 David cofounded the gut supplement, RESTORE.

Martin Katz, MD

Martin Katz, MD is double board certified in Sports and Family medicine. He has experience in disease prevention through exercise and nutrition. He is currently an attending physician at Downtown Family Health in Charlottesville, VA.

Kevin Rhodes

Kevin Rhodes has over twenty years in start-up ventures in the fields of alternative energy, agriculture, and biotechnology. He served as the COO and Director of Finance for Beef Plus Inc. He has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University.

We can trust nature and so nature is what we use.

Rooted in Science.

When we think science, we think nature. With our understanding of what chemicals and toxins do to the body, we choose to simply study what nature has to offer, so you can use it.


Who knew? Well, apparently just about everyone. There are over 10,000 peer reviewed articles on this nutriceutical (fancy word for foods that benifit our body) called sulforphane.

The literature has been crying out for this natural chemical, but no one was able to actually put it into a capsule so people could take it daily, until now. Before growing broccoli sprouts was the only way to get the amount you need so your body could benefit. But now you can take BrocElite.

Why is sulforaphane (SFN) good for you?

SFN (much easier to pronounce) helps the root problem in the body. When we get a root problem, fix the kitchen sink figured out it helps all the things it affects aka the fruit.

Science tells us SFN cools down the cell (the root) so it can function properly again and help major joint areas like knees, the brain, and hands (the fruit) feel better and work better. Did we mention we tried this out on our families first and they love it?

No fillers.

We want to have pure ingredients from nature that work.

We never wanted to go into the supplement industry, but the people we loved needed this, and we found that most companies are not straight forward in what they are putting in their products and adding things like fillers (natural or synthetic) and fluff to their marketing.

What you see is what you get. So ask us anything. We are here for you.