A Regimen for Healthy Bones


I came up with a bone health regimen with the help of others back in 2015 when Mara’s breast cancer spread to her hips and made them look like Swiss cheese. With the help of this regimen, her bones healed and she went from walking with a walker to walking normally after her bones completely healed.

  1. Bone broth. I use the frozen Bonafide brand and suggest several cups a day.  It has the all nutritional components needed for bone health and bone healing.
  2. Ostinol 5x. This stuff is magic. I don’t own it or sell it, so I can say that we’ve put this stuff on cancer cells in our lab and it does amazing things. It’s great for inflammation and great for healing bones.The stuff is pricey, but it was the first thing I ordered when I heard my dad broke his hip.
  3. New Chapter Bone Strength. This was on the list, however, I’m not wedded to it. There may be better options out there now.
  4. BrocElite. SFN flips "on" the switch in the process that leads to osteoblast creation and osteoclast reduction. More specifically, it promotes the expression of osteoblast markers and reduces the expression of osteoclast. This shifts the balance of bone remodeling in favor of bone formation. I have a whole blog on sulforaphane and bone health here.

I used this regimen for my youngest son when he broke his leg and he seem to heal two weeks earlier than projected. These can also help in terms of prevention and keeping your bones healthy as you age.

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