Antibody Level Update

Last week, I shared that my youngest son had been sent home from school due to close contact with a student who was Covid positive.  The school's policy is that unvaccinated children who had Covid-19 over 90 days ago and were in close contact with another student need to quarantine for five days at home, but can return to school with a mask days 6-10. 
Whereas unvaccinated children who had Covid-19 less than 90 days ago or who were vaccinated could stay in school but are required to wear a mask for 10 days.  This is due to the myth that you lose your antibodies and therefore your immunity to Covid-19 after 90 days, which I discuss in a podcast here, and a blog article here.
The level of one's antibodies is not related to one's immunity to Covid-19 due to memory B-cells which can generate a robust immune response by quickly making antibodies upon re-exposure.  Nonetheless, I decided to have my and my boys' IGG antibody levels tested to see where they were.  
My IgG antibody levels were 71.4 AU/mL.  As the image above indicates, anything above 13 AU/mL is considered "positive."  My oldest son had the highest level of IgG antibodies at 82.2 AU/mL and my youngest son had the lowest at 56.8 AU/mL.   As I've mentioned, we definitely had Covid-19 in early November.  We most likely had it again on New Year's Day.  
My plan is to have us tested every month to see how long these levels last.

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Wondering if you just used Quest or Labcorp for your Antibody testing or if you did one of the specialty lab kits?

Where does one go to get their antibody levels checked? The blood donation place I go used to automatically check for antibodies, but have now stopped. When I inquired about why they stopped, I was told, “it costs too much to keep doing that since most people are vaccinated and have the antibodies.”
In my opinion, this is important data that should be recorded, studied, compared, similarly to what you are planning. There are some people who donate blood regularly. Wouldn’t that be an ideal way to track the data, somewhat consistently?

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