Can Grounding Improve Your Health?


Among the first things we purchased when Mara was diagnosed with breast cancer was a grounding sheet.  A sheet that we put on our bed that had a thin silver mesh through it that ran through cloth material to a metal nipple which we attached to the grounded hole of our three-pronged electrical plugs. This was tricky because our house was built in 1933, and many of our plugs were two-pronged. 

So, what is grounding?  And why is it helpful to your health?

Through the lens of science, grounding refers to the practice of benefitting & energizing the body by collecting free electrons from the surface of the earth. You might wonder, where do these free electrons come from? Let's zoom out. Know that the sun is a cathode ray. The earth is an anode. Whenever a cathode ray hits an anode ray, it creates free electrons.

This free electron energy, created initially by the sun, acts as a charger to us, the battery. It physically and even subatomically energizes us. Additionally, humans are unique in our capability to absorb these free electrons efficiently through both our hands and feet, as we possess eccrine sweat glands on all 4 extremities. This enhances our body's conductivity.

Finding more time in your days to connect to the earth, commonly referred to as grounding or earthing, will allow you to help mitigate the detrimental effects of the EMF-rife time we live in. Not to mention, the feeling of "attention restoration" that nature provides serves many other positive purposes in regard to our overall health and well-being.

In this modern world that is increasingly reliant on and glued to technology, it's time we get curious about the cost of this attachment to incessant technology use. Though our lives' integration with technology may seem positive in that it has enhanced our connectedness to humans globally, there is a downside to consider.

The non-native EMFs that modernity has introduced to us didn't exist hundreds of years ago. Thus, perhaps it's worth considering what present-day chronic health struggles are connected to this. However, this is not an anti-tech post. Rather, this piece aims to increase awareness and better equip you with an understanding of grounding that can help you successfully mitigate the effects.

So, what are the benefits of grounding?

Keep in mind that grounding benefits your physiology as a whole, but here are some important benefits to highlight:

  • Increased mitochondrial efficiency
  • Improved cellular hydration & generation of structured water within your body
  • Reduced systemic inflammation
  • Reduces pain sensations
  • Improved blood flow, circulation, and Qi
  • Normalized cortisol response and stress patterns
  • Improved sleep, better recovery, and deeper restfulness at night

"Grounding or earthing could be the anti-inflammatory antidote for modern man. It is one of the greatest kept secrets when it comes to our health and aliveness and only a small part of the scientific community really understands the concept. Once health professionals and others realize that grounding is especially important in preventing inflammatory illness, an incredible effect on public health will be realized."  PMID: 36528336

So, how do you actually do grounding?

My boys swim for a summer team throughout the summer months.  I frequently find myself with my shoes on in the grass at the pool.  The easiest way I find to ground is to take off my shoes and put my feet on the grass while I’m socializing.  It could be at a cookout.  Or a ball game.  Or a concert.  Really, any time you can take off your shoes and place your feet on the grass, do it.  I try to keep my feet on the grass for at least 15 minutes when I’m out like this.

Other ways to get in contact the ground include:

-Being in contact with anything rooted or growing out of the earth.

-Being immersed in or in contact with a body of water (river, lake, pond, creek, etc.)

-Petting an animal that is in touch with the earth.

-The sheets I mentioned above, as well as other items that assist in grounding, can be found at

The grounding tools at and other places are expensive.  Connecting your body to the earth is free.  But regardless of how you do it, I’d suggest giving it a try!


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