Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C


I was playing Monopoly with my boys on the first week of the year and began developing a headache.  But it was literally like no headache I’ve had before.  So, despite winning, I bowed out of the game and hit the couch for a nap. After that, I developed a cough that lasted over six weeks.  As I was casually talking with Dr. John Gildea at our team meeting several weeks ago, he mentioned that he had the same ongoing cough that he was only able to knock out with Vitamin C.

After that conversation, I had dinner with my friend Dr. Mitch Fleisher and he suggested that I come in on a Saturday for a Vitamin C IV, which I did.  It totally helped me and I texted him later in the day that I had a skip in my step.  But by Monday, I was dragging again, and decided to make liposomal Vitamin C.   During COVID, I purchased an unreasonable amount of material to make both Vitamin C IVs and liposomal Vitamin C, so I already had the ingredients!

So, instead of a food recipe this week, I’m sharing a medicinal recipe that you can make and reap the benefits of within minutes!  This recipe is for one person.  Double it for two people, but not one person for two days.  I’m not sure why, but the fresh version works great.  The second-day version leads to an epochly amazing amount of gas!  So, drink fresh!! And, bon appétit.


25 grams Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin

310 mL of RO or Distilled Water

12 grams of Sodium Ascorbate powder (alternatively, you can use Ascorbic Acid, but not long-term).


Place into a Vitamix blender and mix for 5 minutes.  Other blenders don't have fast RPMs which is important for encapsulating the Vitamin C.  There are other recipes where you can add ethanol and then sonicate the mixture to get a higher dose.  If you decide that you want a more concentrated recipe, play around with it and you'll know if your version "works," if you do not have diahrea in four hours!

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