Podcast: How to Survive Thanksgiving & The Holidays


I always have a stomach ache after Thanksgiving.  And often, I eat and then nap.  While one big meal won't kill you, we do Thanksgiving with one side of the family on Thursday, and then a second meal with the other side on that Saturday.  With leftovers Friday and Sunday, the one meal can stretch into four or more big, rich meals.  And Thanksgiving ushers in the Christmas season, with potentially holiday parties every weekend.

So how do you navigate the holiday festivities without tanking your health?  I sat down with Dr. Martin Katz recently to discuss his approach to the holidays.  I must say, I was impressed with his different strategies. This is the recipe I'll be making for Thanksgiving: Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts. Here are the highlights:

1. Stay hydrated with water

2. Eat veggies / salad first

3. Get moving.  Play with kids or go for a walk

4. Avoid alcohol and sugar-filled drinks

5. Eat earlier in the day

6. Bring a dish you know is healthy and you'll eat

Transcript: How To Survive Thanksgiving


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