Podcast: Sulforaphane's Role in Detoxification


Detoxification is often called detox or flushes or cleanses.  Most of the commercially available flushes or cleanses are often offered by health “gurus” but don’t have research that shows how well they work.  Dr. Gildea and Dr. Katz recommend limiting your exposure to toxins by eating organic, avoiding the “dirty dozen,” and filtering your drinking water with a reverse osmosis filter.  They also suggest avoiding GMOs that have glyphosate and gluten which both open your tight junction barrier. 


6:00: Detox vs flush vs cleanse

10:00:  The three phases of detox

13:00:  Chinese air pollution study

15:00: How toxins get into your body

21:30: The importance of clean water

27:30: Glyphosate (RoundUp) and our internal research

29.5: Gluten & casein impact on tight junctions

36.5: detoxing metals mercury & Cadmium

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