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I’ve been asked several times to share what supplements I take daily. It may seem like a lot, but I firmly believe that you either pay now or pay later––but we all pay at some point. I realized this when we were paying twice our mortgage each month for Mara’s cancer treatment. But “paying” could also be in health span, where you don’t live the active life or have the quality of life you may want to for as long as you want to. As you may notice, many of these supplements are anti-aging. 

So here they are:

  1. I take 2 capsules of BrocElite Plus (on sale this week!) for a total of 10 mg of sulforaphane per day. Sulforaphane has shown to have the following anti-aging benefits:
  1. QuercElite: 2 capsules per day or 350 mg of quercetin (anti-aging & antihistamine)
  1. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide or NMN: 1 gram (anti-aging)
  1. Trans-Resveratrol: 1 gram (anti-aging)
    • It’s a natural sirtuin-activating compound. Sirtuins are a family of enzymes that upregulate the expression of other enzymes responsible for metabolism and aging. I use the Mara Labs trans-resveratrol called ResverElite.  We've tested various resveratrol brands on cells and the one we sell is the best. 
  1. Omega-3 Fish Oil: 1400 mg EPA & 480 mg DHA (I use Viva Naturals off Amazon)
    • I like this brand because it is reasonably priced and has a good amount of EPA and DHA per capsule. I’ve tried to buy the brands Dr. Rhonda Patrick recommends, but they are often out of stock.
  1. CurcElite: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night (anti-inflammation)
  • If I could only take one supplement, it would be BrocElite. If I could only take two supplements, CurcElite would be the second. I have two active boys and this helps me keep up!
  1. BerbElite: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night (lowers blood sugar and increases dopamine)
    • I try and eat low carb, but when the boys want a pizza, it’s hard not to have a slice. So, when I indulge, I’ll take a couple BerbElites to manage my blood sugar spike. At night, it also gives me a dopamine and serotonin boost to help me sleep.
  1. Vitamin D3 with K2-mk7: 5000 IUs (Deal Supplement brand from Amazon)
    • Most brands of D3 are the same. But make sure you take it with vitamin K2-mk7 or you could overdose. I use this brand because it has an Amazon subscription and is inexpensive.
  1. PQQ: 40 mg for healthy mitochondria (I use Health Thru Nutrition from Amazon)

     10. Ubiquinol: 400 mg for healthy mitochondria (I use the Jarrow brand)

    • Both PQQ and Ubiquinol are good for the mitochondria and cofactors in the Krebs cycle for turning glucose into ATP. I like Jarrow, because I can get 200 mg of ubiquinol in one capsule.
  1. Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB): 3 grams
  1. New Chapter multivitamin
    • New Chapter creates its supplements from organic whole foods. This has its trade-offs in that, sometimes, you cannot get a high dose of a nutrient. But for a multivitamin, I think it’s perfect.
  1. SleepElite: 2 capsules before bed.
    • This is a sleep supplement for people who don’t want melatonin. It also is great for mood.  People with mood issues often have difficulty methylating their B vitamins. This has methylated B6 and methyl donors, which help methylate other B vitamins. 

Overall, the most difficult one to take is the HMB because the capsules are huge. The ones I sometimes forget to take are the multivitamin, QuercElite and the fish oil.  In closing, I don’t worry about taking them with or without food––I just try to get them in when I can. 



Viva Naturals NMN D3 PQQ New Chapter Hmb

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Thanks, Mara-labs! I am adding some of those into my daily supplements! This is a great list that covers many aspects of health! Investing in health is always a good choice. You donot want to work hard in life without investing in health and end up giving everything away to the hospital:)

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