Top 5 Benefits of Berberine


Here are five benefits of berberine.  There are more.  But the most important thing to remember is that normal berberine does not get through the gut barrier to provide a biologically relevant dose in order to provide the benefits below.  BerbElite is high bioavailable and does lead to these benefits.

Ketosis: Undoubtedly, one of the most recognized advantages of berberine lies in its ability to enhance blood glucose levels, subsequently leading to an increase in blood ketone production. Our internal research demonstrated that consuming two BerbEites in the morning while skipping breakfast can effectively induce a mild state of ketosis by noon.

Sleep: In this blog, I delve into a study that illuminates berberine's capacity to elevate serotonin levels by 30% and dopamine levels by 25%. Coupled with its capacity to lower blood glucose levels, this translates to a substantial improvement in sleep quality.

Weight Management: Berberine operates by modulating the c-myc and AMPk pathways, thereby enhancing glucose utilization. Essentially, it boosts your metabolism by increasing mitochondrial activity. Additionally, this study also revealed that berberine hinders the formation of adipose tissue fibrosis.

Anti-Aging: One of the most compelling studies on anti-aging, which I extensively discuss in a dedicated blog, involved administering berberine to mice that had been aged through chemotherapy treatment. Astonishingly, the mice treated with berberine exhibited an 80% longer lifespan compared to those subjected to chemotherapy alone.

Gut Microbiome: Numerous studies have explored the beneficial impact of berberine on the gut microbiome. One such study demonstrated a significant increase in the diversity of gut microbiota following berberine supplementation. Additionally, another study highlighted how berberine's positive influence on the gut microbiome resulted in reduced levels of bacterial lipopolysaccharide, a recognized endotoxin, subsequently alleviating gut inflammation.

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Is more better? I am taking Berbelite at night, can I take it in the morning too?

Yes, berberine helps with sleep amazingly. And with gut microbiome issues. It will not make you sleepy in the morning. Is could impact your ability to again weight.

The studies I mention above use normal berberine. We’ve tested all the berberine products than claim bioavailability and only found one that has more than normal berberine. In the sleep study, the benefits occur in the gut.

How do you know about the bioavailability used in the above studies?

2 questions, I’ve been taking Berberine for a few months. Was using to help my gut dysbiosis. I felt like it helped my sleep too so I take it at night. Will it make me sleepy if i take it in the morning? Also i am underweight will Berberine make it harder to gain weight?

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