Topical Sulforaphane for Joint Pain


I took up surfing with my boys over Spring Break 2018.  We were visiting Mara's twin sister and her family in Santa Barbara, and I signed us all up for surfing lessons.  Later that week, we purchased foam longboards from Costco and acquired one gently used longboard from a local surf shop.

It was during that trip that we would stay out surfing way longer than our bodies were suggesting.  We had caught the surfing "bug" and could not stop.  We would ride a wave in and quickly paddle back to catch another.

One of those days, my shoulder muscles were on fire after we wrapped up the session.  At the time, I would take an occasional ibuprofen, but I knew it would take 30-60 minutes to kick in. The same with BrocElite.  And I could not wait that long.  

As the Plato quote says: "Necessity is the mother of invention."  In this situation, it was more desperation.  So, I opened two BrocElite capsules and took some DMSO liquid, and made a poultice that I rubbed onto my shoulders.  Much to my surprise, my shoulder pain was gone.

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide.  It is a chemical solvent that was discovered in the 1800s as a by-product of the papermaking process.  And while it is synthetic, it can be found in most natural products stores due to its health benefits. 

The most notable benefit of DMSO is its ability to penetrate the skin and pass small molecules through the skin as well. 

I occasionally have pain in the knuckle joint of my big toe.  When I do and I remember this "hack," I'll apply BrocElite and DMSO poultice and the pain goes away within minutes. 

If you use one capsule of BrocElite, a half teaspoon of DMSO is enough to dissolve the powder and apply to the skin.  I use two capsules with one teaspoon of DMSO.  

Keys To Remember:

1) Clean your skin before applying DMSO, since it will transport whatever is on your skin into your body.

2) The BrocElite-DMOS poultice will last for about 4 hours, and then it will turn red.  This is due to oxidation.  Once it turns red, discard it.  

3) It stings!  DMSO is a chemical solvent, and it's strong. Don't put it on sensitive areas of your body. 

4) This hack is only for small aches and pains. For more significant issues, please coordinate with your medical practitioner.

5) Use only pure (99.9%) DMSO. You can get it many places. I use this brand from Amazon.

If you try this, please comment here to let us know how it worked for you!  

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I tried this today for persistent pain points that I am suffering from with a prolonged very painful frozen shoulder. I was thrilled that in ~15 minutes the pain was dramatically better and my movement was more free. Planning to continue to use this to get through the unfreezing of my shoulder. Thank you! Thank you!!

I have just realized that I inadvertently left an open jar of capsules out of the fridge for a few weeks. Is it still okay to use it? Or, should I toss it?

Thanks, dale

I wanted to try this for hair loss, any tips? Im waiting on your liquid broqelite to give that a shot since it helps degrade dht instead of block the enzyme

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