What Sleep Monitor is the Best?


We’re coming up with a sleep product, so we wanted to purchase sleep monitors to do a clinical trial.  But what sleep monitor is the best? 

The best of the best, professional grade sleep monitor is the Hypnodyne which runs between $1000 and $4000.  This is the gold standard by which other sleep monitors are measured.

For those of us with a smaller budget, the Fit Bit Charge 4 was found to be 72% accurate.  A video going over the specifics can be found here.

Other sleep monitors like Oura were found to have accuracies in the 60% accuracy range.  

Since we're talking about sleep, here are our top five tips to get a good night's sleep:

1) Try to have bright light exposure during the daytime,

2) Avoid caffeine after 12 PM (coffee, tea, soda and dark chocolate).

3) Avoid alcohol. It may be relaxing but it can wake you up as it processed.

4) Avoid the blue light from TV or your computer as this stops melatonin production which makes you sleepy.

5) Keep your room a) cool, ideally between 60-68F, b) quiet and c) dark (no LED lights from clocks or computers and cover windows if you have street lights).


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