Why Sulforaphane is Great for Kidney Health


Sulforaphane is amazing for your kidney health. In a paper published in 2012, researchers found the benefit of sulforaphane for people whose kidneys were failing from chronic kidney disease.  In this article, researchers showed how sulforaphane improved renal blood flow, and improved cortical and medullary oxygen tension, and reduced the level reactive oxygen species in the kidney.  To translate, these mechanisms are amazing for your kidney health. 

But this research article was performed with pure sulforaphane.  What you get from sprouts as well from BrocElite is a natural mix of other isothiocyanates that all work together to do something much more powerful. 

Medications like ibuprofen suggest limiting your dose so you do not damage your kidneys. We decided to perform internal research to determine what BrocElite’s “lethal dose” was. But, while performing internal research, we did not find a lethal dose. Instead, a surprising result was seeing that high doses of BrocElite actually promote the growth of kidney cells. This is great news, and very uncommon, and it was not seen when we utilized pure sulforaphane alone.


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