Suplementos que tomo durante la gripe estomacal


El martes por la noche y el miércoles por la mañana tuve un caso grave de gripe estomacal, que en realidad no es gripe sino norovirus. El caldo de huesos que mencioné en el vídeo de Bonifide . Si desea saber más sobre las megadosis de vitaminas D3 y K con mk7 y vitamina A , escuche aquí . Destaco aquí varios suplementos que estimulan el sistema inmunológico.

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What kind of Vitamin A? Dr.Furhman says Vitamin A/betacarotene supplements are showing some evidence of contributing to cancer. Comment?

Oh no David, I am so sorry you caught this bug! As a nurse, it was very common to see this virus spread through daycare, even on cruise ships and patrons of some restaurants. Some were so bad they were seen in our EDs. It IS so highly contagious. Get well wishes and prayers for recovery and good health to you all soon!!!! Thank you for all you do for the rest of us.

Activated charcoal capsules work very well on a stomach bug—taken at first sign of GI distress, with 8 oz of water.

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