Episode 216: High Dose Vitamin D As a Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases


This week's podcast is pretty interesting.  It's on the use of mega-dosing with Vitamin D3 to treat autoimmune diseases.  John Gildea and his wife have birthdays a week apart.  Some of us at Mara Labs took them out for a birthday dinner recently, and while there, his wife told me she takes 30,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 with K2-mk7 each day, which is not recommended for most people.  In the podcast, we discuss the paper below, as well as D3's link to cancer. 

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Link to the paper.

6:30  The upper level of D3 the body makes from the sun

7:13  Take Vitamin A with Vitamin D3

10:00 Cancer metastases and vitamin D

11:00  Vitamin D resistance, megadose vitamin D3 & autoimmune

12:30 25% underexpression of D3 receptors – both genetic and epigenetic

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