Jeffrey Smith Interview Q & A on BrocElite Sulforaphane


After Jeffrey Smith's interview with Dr. John Gildea and Dr. Martin Katz on how sulforaphane helps negate glyphosate's bad effects, they had a brief Q&A which can be watched by clicking here.  Answers to additional questions that were not able to be addressed in the video can be found below.

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Post-Interview Q & A

Webinar Questions

1. What is Sulforaphane Glucosinolate that is listed on the label of so many broccoli supplements? How is it different from BrocElite?

Sulforaphane glucosinolate is another name for glucoraphanin, the precursor chemical to sulforaphane.  All other broccoli supplements on the market have glucoraphanin (aka sulforaphane glucosinolate). 

This is because sulforaphane is notoriously unstable.  BrocElite is the only supplement on the market with stabilized sulforaphane in the capsule.

2. If glyphosate binds up minerals both in the soil and in the body, how is the sulphoraphane reversing or making up for that deficit?

Sulforaphane does not reversing glyphosate’s effect of binding up minerals.  What it is doing is negating how glyphosate’s negative effect on the body’s detox pathway.  Our research shows that glyphosate decreases Nrf-2 activity in liver cells by 30%.  Sulforaphane with the same amount of glyphosate present increase Nrf-2 170%

3How does sulforaphane effect the gut microbiome balance.  

Sulforaphane was found to increase butyric acid level in the colon and normalize the microbiome composition in this mouse study

4How is it effecting leaky gut, and will it irritate people's guts who have either SIBO or Leaky Gut? 

Sulforaphane is proven to help with leaky gut by improving tight junction integrity.  It causes stomach discomfort (slight nausea) in about 10% of people. Dr. Katz recommends to take after eating and to start slowly by opening the capsule and placing the powder in a smoothie if needed.

5. Having Hashimoto’s for the last 30 years, I was always told to limit my broccoli intake.  Does this supplement have any repercussions for people with Hashimoto or those concerned with goitrogen?

This would apply for adult broccoli.  BrocElite is made from the broccoli seeds

6. How does sulforaphane differ from BIOME MEDIC dietary supplement by Purium?

The supplements are very different.   Biome Medic is comprised of both prebiotics and probiotics.  BrocElite does not have either probiotics or prebiotics; it has stabilized sulforaphane in the capsule.  Biome Medic has a pre-clinical trial which shows great results.  Sulforaphane has been around longer and has over 2,000 peer reviewed journal articles highlighting its benefits. 

7. How long do you need to take BrocElite before  you notice an effect?  

Everyone is different.  We have had feed back that it has taken as little as 2 days and as much as 2 weeks.  

8. For those that are already taking Restore or Purium’s Biomedic are there any interactions?

No interactions are known.

9. I'm sure you'll likely comment on this but are the broccoli sprouts in your product organic, fermented, raw, or freeze dried?

BrocElite uses broccoli seeds, not broccoli sprouts.


10. Where is your product made?

BrocElite is made in Virginia from ingredients sourced in the USA.  Our capsules come mostly from Canada, so we cannot say “Made in the USA.”


11. Can BrocElite be delivered outside the USA to places like Australia?

Yes, we can ship a 3 month’s supply (3 bottles) to most places in the world.


12. Can BrocElite be taken by animals?

We have some vets giving BrocElite to small animals. 


13. Is there any effect of sulforaphane on methylation pathways?

Sulforaphane does impact the chromatin methylation pathway.  We have not seen research to know if it impacts other methylation pathways.


14. Has BrocElite been tested for herbicides or pesticides other than glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the only thing we’ve tested for directly.  We have performed indirect tests in the form of toxicity studies on renal proximal tubal cells to show that BrocElite has no toxicity at high levels. 


15. I am already on an organic-only diet. Would BrocElite be beneficial to me?

Yes.  If you are eating organic-only, you can still be exposed to toxins such as glyphosate.  Given proven ability to enhance detoxification, sulforaphane would be beneficial.


16. Can BrocElite be taken if you have a sulfur or sulfa sensitivity?

We recommend caution if you have a sulfur or sulfa sensitivity given that the sulforaphane in BrocElite has sulfur molecules.   Check with your clinician about the possibility of taking a small amount of BrocElite powder by opening the capsule to test if you are sensitive to it.


17. Are you doing any formal controlled studies of younger children with Autism using BrocElite?

No.  There have already been excellent clinical trials on sulforaphane and children with Autism, such as this one.  


Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

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