Episode 218: Does Ivermectin Treat Covid-19?


In this podcast, David Roberts and Dr. Martin Katz discuss Ivermectin as a treatment to Covid-19.

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Mechanism paper: The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

https://c19ivermectin.com/ has all 84 studies of ivermectin in one place.

 Mechanism figure: How Ivermectin works.

 From PMID: 32251768

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Thank you so much for this information which is unbiased and scientifically based. There is so much clearly political negative information about ivermectin. I have used it personally and found it very effective and I wonder if you could address the effect on the microbiome of using it weekly or so on a prophylactic basis. A number of prominent physicians have indicated they do this but I have never found any information on its effect on the microbiome of humans and it is an anti-parasitic.

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