Episode 406: Ask Us Anything With Dr. Gildea


In this episode, Dr. John Gildea tackles some of the most common questions that we get asked about our supplements and wellness in general.




1. Sulforaphane and sulfur allergy (00:01:00)

Does sulforaphane contain sulfur, and if you have a sulfur allergy, can you take sulforaphane?

2. Epigenetics and gene activation/deactivation (00:06:30)

What is epigenetics, and how do genes get turned on and off?

3. Breast cancer and BRCA genes (00:17:00)

What are the BRCA genes, and is it an excessive measure to have a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy when testing positive for BRCA?

4. Berberine and weight loss (00:25:00)

How does berberine influence weight loss?

5. BrocElite Plus (00:36:30)

Why do we call BrocElite "BrocElite Plus"? What does the "Plus" mean?

6. Interaction of BrocElite with other medications (00:39:30)

Can you take BrocElite with other medications, and are there any adverse reactions?


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