Introducing CurcElite: How Is It Different?


I love curcumin. There is so much amazing research in the peer-reviewed science where I cannot help but love it. But much of that research is in the laboratory on cell cultures, where you can just place curcumin on cells and see that magic happen.

But what happens if you take curcumin?  Unfortunately, not much at all gets into your body because it is fat soluble. In this podcast, I talk about why curcumin is so amazing, and how CurcElite is different.  

In case you missed it, in this blog, I reviewed a paper that compares 11 different bioavailable forms of curcumin. I also talk about our internal research comparing the best brand from that paper with CurcElite. 

Podcast: Introducing CurcElite: How Is It Different?

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Lauren, CurcElite works at turning off the Nf-kb pro-inflammatory pathway. Curcumin and sulforaphane work in synergy, so I take them together.

Doesnt Curcelite work very similar to Broc Elite activating the same NRF-2 pathway? Or is there at least overlap in how they work. Would you take both at the same time. What benefits does it offer that are not offered by Broc Elite?

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