My BrocElite Oxidized While Camping


Some of you have asked how my BrocElite oxidized on our recent week-long camping trip and how to guard against it. So, I stored the BrocElite capsules in a ziplock bag along with the other supplements for the trip. After the first day, they turned from tan to chocolate brown due to moisture. 

To this from happening, keep your capsules in the white bottle and keep the desiccant insert inside the bottle, which absorbs moisture! I talk more about it in the video below.

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Sandra: If you use it regularly, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Just keep to top on it and the desiccant in the bottle which will help with moister. I do not refrigerate. If it takes you over 60 days to finish a bottle, put it in the refigerator. If you have multiple bottles, I’d put the unused bottles in the freezer.

I was wondering if that is the reason brocolite is supposed to be refrigerated. I never noticed that on the label before this post of yours. I have kept mine in the cupboard since I started taking this several months ago. I hope it was still working. I feel like it has. I definitely feel like I recover and have less pain after a full day of pickleball. If mine is not oxidizing in the cupboard do I still need to keep it in the refrigerator. That is much less convenient and I’m afraid I’ll forget to take it if it’s not with the rest of my supplements.
Thanks for your post.

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