Episode 220: Sulforaphane 101 -The Good Molecule in Broccoli



Dr. John Gildea and David Roberts discuss the basics of sulforaphane.  They highlight the confusion in broccoli supplements, especially how brands choose to call the precursor to sulforaphane, which is called glucoraphanin. They also talk about how sulforaphane is converted from glucoraphanin, and discuss some of the main benefits of sulforaphane.


2:00 – The difference between cell culture, animal and human studies

5:00 – How sulforaphane is made from broccoli

5:45 – Some organic seeds produce no sulforaphane

6:50 – What does BrocElite bring to the market?

8:00 – All but one other supplement has glucoraphanin – the precursor to sulforaphane.  This needs to be converted in the gut

9:30 – If the enzyme myrosinase is added, it is a protein and gets degraded.

10:40 – If you have sulforaphane in the capsule, it gets into your bloodstream.  If you have glucoraphanin, it may not

12:50 – Sulforaphane benefit of pain relief via anti-inflammation

14:00 – Fasting also gives the same benefits yo pain as sulforaphane

15:30 – Sulforaphane benefit of brain health from BDNF

19:15 – Sulforaphane benefit of Phase II detox

22:50 – The difference between a flush, cleanse and detox

25:00 – Increase Nrf-2 by using molecules that work in synergy with sulforaphane

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What is it that causes BrocElite to give such vivid dreams? I find it fascinating and also bothersome. Is there anything I can do to not have such dreams, they can be exhausting

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