Sulforaphane vs Curcumin: How Do They Compare?


Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric root.  Curcumin is to turmeric what sulforaphane is to broccoli.  And it is among the most used and well know supplements because of it's well documented and well researched benefits on inflammation.  

Similar to how sulforaphane is the best natural molecule to turn on NRF-2, curcumin is the best natural molecule at turning off the pro-inflammatory pathway NFk-B

Below is a conversation that I had with Dr. Martin Katz and Dr. John Gildea in 2019 where they compared and contrasted sulforaphane and curcumin.

Dr. Katz alludes to "John's curcumin," which we've named CurcElite and will be available for purchase in several weeks.

Podcast: Sulforaphane vs. Curcumin

Transcript: Sulforaphane vs. Curcumin Podcast


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You included some very good and useful information in that podcast. Thank you for creating it and sharing it.

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