Sun Harmonizing Superfood Green Tea


By Jes Williams

Have you ever heard that you can drink your sunscreen? I’m not referring to drinking any kind of skincare product. Rather, you can amplify your body’s ability to naturally harmonize with sunlight. The flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants found in some foods actually offer you anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These foods prepare your skin with an “internal sunscreen” of sorts that helps your skin’s photoprotective UV filters better do their job. 

One of these high antioxidant, highly anti-inflammatory foods is green tea. Green Tea was found in this study to induce rapid DNA repair, and support the integrity of healthy skin.

Additionally, this superfood green tea drink offers you some more systemic benefits:

-Functional mushrooms naturally support your body’s immune defenses,

-A coconut-based creamer adds some healthy fats,

-Collagen adds a dose of protein,

-Stevia adds a low glycemic sweetener to amplify the taste (stevia also naturally helps to dissolve biofilms in the body).

Bon appétit


-1 teaspoon of Jade Leaf Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Powder

-1 teaspoon of Superfeast’s Mason’s Mushrooms Blend (use code feelmoregooder for 10% off)

-1 tablespoon of Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen (code feelmoregooder for 15% off)

-1 tablespoon of Laird Superfood Sweet & Creamy Creamer

-4 drops Now Foods Vanilla Stevia Liquid Sweetener


For a hot drink:

-Add all dry ingredients into the bottom of your drinking glass/mug. 

-Aim for a drinking container that’s at least 8oz - this will be more suitable for adequate stirring/flothing.

-Boil your water and when it’s ready, pour it into your drinking vessel, leave about an inch left at the top of the container

-Mix together with a handheld frother


For an iced drink:

*you’ll need two cups for prep.

-Fill up your first cup about ⅓ full with room-temperature water

-Add all dry ingredients into the glass with water

-Mix together with handheld frother

-Fill up your second glass with ice

-Pour the first mixture into the second glass with ice

-Enjoy with a glass or metal straw, if you like, and enjoy!

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