The Clean 15: When to Buy Organic



What is the Clean 15?

The “Clean 15” is a list of fifteen fruits or vegetables that are least likely to contain pesticide residues so you do not need to buy organic due.  The list is produced annually by the Environmental Working and is based on an analysis of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program (PDP) annual report,

It should be noted that according to the PDP 22% had no detectable pesticide residue. Click here to read the consumer fact sheets about the PDP..


For 2019, the Clean 15 are:

  1. Avocados
  2. Sweet Corn
  3. Pineapples
  4. Sweet Peas
  5. Onions
  6. Papayas
  7. Asparagus
  8. Mangoes
  9. Eggplants
  10. Honeydews
  11. Kiwis
  12. Cantaloupes
  13. Cauliflower
  14. Broccoli
  15. Mushrooms

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