The Deception of the Broccoli Supplement Industry

Always read your labels.  On food, and especially on supplements.  This is because the supplement industry, in general, is like the Wild West: it's lawless.  Everyone is claiming to have the best.  And frequently, blatantly desceptive claims are made.
In terms of broccoli supplements, this means that brands say they have sulforaphane when they really do not.  On Amazon, for example, a broccoli supplement brand says in their title "20MG of Real Stabilized Sulforaphane," but if you read their label they only have the precursor molecule called glucoraphanin.  
So, what is the difference?  Well this graphic helps answer that question.
Some brands say that they have stabilized sulforaphane when they do not.  Other brands are more sneaky by saying that they have "sulforaphane glucosinolate."  This literally means "sulforaphane precursor" which is, again, called glucoraphanin.  But even physicians read labels and think that "sulforaphane glucosinolate" is the same as sulforaphane.   
Broccoli supplements with glucoraphanin most likely won't help you. 
In this study from 2020, researchers from Johns Hopkins utilized a glucoraphanin supplement on autistic children that showed no effect.  The conclusion of the paper talks about the promise of the biomarkers they were looking at, and not the promise of the supplement. 
In other words, this research paper published in a world class journal concluded that the glucoraphanin supplement didn't do what stabilized sulforaphane does.   
Indeed, our internal research shows the same thing: glucoraphanin or "sulforaphane glucosinolate" supplements do not induce Nrf-2. 
So, what is the answer?  Don't buy broccoli supplements that have glucoraphanin!
Thankfully, BrocElite does have stabilized sulforaphane in the capsule and does induce Nrf-2.  If you've never tried it, click here to give it a try!  It's currently on sale, and we have a great money-back guarantee

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