Podcast: Why Glutathione Supplementation Doesn't Work

In this podcast, Dr. John Glidea and Dr. Martin Katz discuss the issues surrounding glutathione supplements and IVs.

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  • Karen

    Wow! Very eye-opening. I have been researching “best glutathione” supplements recently, knowing that stomach acid can render most supplements ineffective. Also researched glyNAC as precursor to making it. But, as I understand it, glutathione doesn’t even get into the cells, so totally not worth taking. I have known about sulforaphane for awhile and realize its importance. Thanks for saving me $$$$$.

  • Candy Mckinnon Smith

    Hello I read the topic n the Covid -19 Antibody Test. I got the first Wave of Covid on Thanks Giving 2019.
    I was devastated, I lost my sense of smell and taste. I recently had a hysterectomy in October 2019 and had a bowel obstruction in November 2019 – I had anxiety and was hospitalized for two days. I had the anxiety for a while, very scary, It was hard to calm down. The BrocElite has made a difference in my life. My Dreams are vivid. I love it. I am stronger! I eat well and work out everyday. Now, I am taking CurcElite and I will see how this combination will help me. Thank you Dr. Roberts for your Passion & Vision for Health!

  • Jane

    That was fascinating. I had no idea glutathione wasn’t transported inside the cell. That was just one of many tidbits I would like to know more about.
    I’m glad I ordered more BrocElite.

  • Emily

    Wow, I did not know that and I’ve been supplementing with glutathione pills from a trusted company. I might stop taking it if the supplement, assuming it survives the stomach, cannot even get into the cell where it is needed to have any positive effects.

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