Avoid These Five GMO Foods with Glyphosate


Since you’re reading this, the most important wellness tip I can give to you is to read the labels of the food you buy – especially if they are not organic.  GMO foods are laced in much of our conventional, processed food system, and it is exceptionally difficult to avoid them.  

We recently visited my sister-in-law.  She was an early adopter of organic foods back in the mid 1990's and still eats very well. But during a cook out, she served Kettle Chips that had "With Himalayan Sea Salt" on the label.  This sounds healthy, right?  But in looking at the label, it had canola oil in them, which is genetically modified, or GMO. 

But here are some things to watch out for and some foods to avoid.

Soy:  Over 90 percent of soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Oils and other compounds from GMO soy have been shown to block normal estrogen; disrupt endocrine function, and cause infertility. 

Because soy is GMO, it has very small amounts of glyphosate residue in or on it.  This trace amount of glyphosate from one serving doesn’t do very much.  Our research has shown that glyphosate can open your intestinal barrier over time and cause leaky gut. If you eat foods with trace amounts of glyphosate for months or even years, the leaky gut it causes can, in turn, cause an increase the chances of food sensitivities short-term and auto immune issues with longer term exposure.

Corn:  Approximately half of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.  The documentary Food Inc can be found on Amazon Video and is a must watch to learn about the issues with corn in the States.  Much of this corn is used to make high fructose corn syrup, which is really bad for your health, and is a leading cause of obesity.  Because it’s genetically modified, corn is sprayed with Round Up which contains and amplifies glyphosate.  The trace amounts of glyphosate left in the GMO corn that is processed into high fructose corn syrup can also cause leaky gut.

When people ask me: “If there was one food to give up if you’re worried about cancer, what would it be,” I quickly respond “high fructose corn syrup” because you’re not only getting the negative health impact from the trace amounts of glyphosate, but you're also being impacted by the negative inflammatory response from the fructose sugar

Vegetable Oil (salad dressing):  Talking about soy GMO’s, the most common way it is seen in our food chain is in the form of soybean oil.  Often, ingredients will be labeled generically as “Vegetable Oil” so that it can include a blend of GMO oils like soybean oil, canola oil, and cotton seed oil.  Again, all of these ingredients contain trace amounts of glyphosate from Round Up and cause leaky gut over time that leads to the diseases above.

Unfortunately, vegetable oil is the main ingredient in most salad dressings.  This means when most of us are trying to choose the healthy option when eating out, we end up eating something every unhealthy when we use the dressings provided.  One thing I do is ask if the restaurant has 100% olive oil.  If they do, I request olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.  Sometimes they do not, and I’ll just squeeze some lemon over the greens with some salt.

Soda – Most soda that isn’t diet soda with synthetic sweeteners has high fructose corn syrup.   The trace amounts of glyphosate can cause leaky gut and intestinal inflammation. High fructose corn syrup can negatively impact the microbiome and lead to obesity. Soda is on the list because it’s so prevalent and has the most insidious ingredient, high fructose corn syrup.

Infant formula – infant formula that isn’t labeled organic are most likely made from GMO soybeans.  This can cause lots of issues for infants like the ones listed for adults, such as leaky gut and colic.  This one is on the list here because infants' digestive systems are so vulnerable and exposing them to trace amounts of glyphosate at such a young age can begin a cascade of negative health consequences, such as a poor microbiome and obesity, that can be avoided.

One good infant formula that doesn’t use soybeans is Earth’s Best found on Amazon.

So, I’m stopping the list at only FIVE foods, but I could literally go on and on. 

But I will ask you the question:  What are the GMO foods you avoid?

And remember, always read your labels!!

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What about wheat? Isn’t that sprayed too? Is some of it GMO? There is a lack of organic grains as I understand it. Add in beans of any kind ….most are not organic and most are not non-GMO is what I have read.

Thanks David for your good and very informative message. I think fortunately by now a lot of us have become more aware of foods and drinks not to buy because of the damage they do to our overall health. Over the years these communications and also all the documentaries that we choose to watch have been very helpful in changing to much better choices. Wish there was also a way to reach the MANY people who are totally unaware of all the bad products they are reaching for on the supermarket shelves.

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